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Boost customer engagement with bespoke reward solutions and gamification

With over 100,000 customers spread across our reward schemes, we know that it’s not always enough to just offer a great product or service. To ensure the repeat business that we’re all vying for, you need a little something extra to help you pip your competitors to the post. Bespoke reward schemes and gamification could be that edge you need.

Bespoke reward schemes:

We specialise in that little something extra. We help our clients build and sustain strong and long-lasting relationships with their customers through fun, innovative and bespoke reward solutions.

So, what is a reward solution? Well, put simply, it’s an effective way for businesses to strengthen their relationships with customers. This could result in more engagement, increased brand awareness, repeat business, and substantial financial uplift. Reward solutions are a brilliant way to ensure that your customers feel valued, giving them that extra something for their business that your competitors might not. There is no one size fits all solution for rewarding customers, what we specialise in is identifying the absolute best way to ignite your customers. We start by understanding your customer base, along with the opportunities for influence, then closely analyse their activity and use our knowledge of rewards to design bespoke packages that are guaranteed to excite and inspire them.


In the past few years, we have also dipped our toes into gamification, or rather, launched in headfirst. We know that customers are looking for fun and positive relationships with the brands they choose to interact with. At a time where many customers are being careful with their spending, we can still create memorable and creative experiences that enhance our clients’ brands. Gamification is leading the charge on customer engagement, there is quite simply no better way to energise your customers than with a fun and interactive game or mobile experience. By utilising gamification, we were able to engage with 70,000 of one of our clients’ consumers in just 4 weeks, with 11,000 of them walking away with a fantastic reward. In addition to driving footfall, this was a perfect opportunity to provide the consumer with a memorable and cool experience while gaining valuable insight and data.

Successful outcomes:

Alongside gamification, our highly successful sales-based reward schemes will remain as important as ever in 2023/24. If customers are going to consider more carefully who they spend their money with in the coming months, businesses need to provide a convincing reason as to why it should be them. We are here to help our clients capture that extra share of wallet and drive market share with rewards. We specialise and deliver the full end-to-end solution enabling our clients to focus on their important day-to-day. Throughout our programmes, we’re experts in research; analysis; modelling; web development; design; branding; campaign creation & execution; scheme tracking; reporting and full programme management. We also create and fulfil every reward leaving our clients comforted in the knowledge that we’ve got it covered.

What will rewards look like in years to come? We watch our industry very closely; our knowledge and experience allow us to adapt to shifting industry trends. We are here to support our clients, delivering solutions that are tailored to them, whether that be forward-thinking games, sales-driven schemes or something completely new, all to maintain that valuable and loyal customer.

Sophie Burn

Marketing Assistant


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