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A new era of reward schemes

Rewards with Pride

As we know, incentive schemes are about engaging and driving behavioural change, then recognising these achievements through offering a choice of desirable experiences, gifts, gadgets and once in a lifetime rewards.

We created Rewards with Pride to reflect a new way of thinking in a new world by providing a broader and more enhanced portfolio of rewards. Each reward is about doing good for something or someone else.

There are several categories of rewards to choose from including education, sustainability, wellbeing, welfare and community. Through this programme, you can help to build a school, buy books, plant trees, provide mental health support, kit out a local sports team or renovate a community space.

Companies often speak about “making a difference” and through the success and results of a Rewards with Pride scheme, together with our clients and their customers we can achieve this, in spades!

It’s about giving everyone in the scheme a chance to be proud.

Future predictions…

As more companies focus their business strategies on driving change through sustainable initiatives and supporting global and local communities, the more relevant Rewards with Pride becomes.

This year, more clients than ever are wanting to know how we can align this type of programme with their company objectives and values.

I expect to see a continued increase in the number of Rewards with Pride schemes, along with an evolving portfolio of relevant rewards that focus on positive change and contribute towards helping others.

If you'd like to learn more about Rewards with Pride and understand how this could work for your business, please get in touch.

Liana Lax

0113 394 6130

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