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We Make OUR People Happy

Megan Hockney, Project Co-ordinator at XSEM, talks us through the many ways XSEM has tackled and focused on its team's well-being this month!

"We’ve made our team’s well-being a core focus for 2022.

Well-being is different for everyone, whether it’s spending time with family and friends, learning new skills, unwinding with Netflix, sweating it out at the gym or the fans favourite - couch to 5K.

We understand the importance of making sure that our team is happy. We want them to get the support they need and put themselves first!

For me, face-to-face interaction is essential. I returned to XSEM last year, following my final year at university, in and out of lockdown. The countless online lectures, zoom quizzes, and lengthy walks with friends (too long) were great but I need to experience things, and see my friends, colleagues, suppliers, clients.

As we’re back in the office now, we want people to think of the office as a happy place. We will continue to make tweaks and changes to the environment but we’re also focusing on monthly activities as a team. January was all about personal challenges and February is the month of love, right? Rae and I took it upon us to implement ‘Thoughtful Thursdays’ at XSEM this February. We have:

  • Relaunched secret friend – everyone has a secret buddy who they look out for. You might buy them a little gift you know they’d love or go out of your way to help them out. It’s all anonymous; guessing who yours is, is part of the fun!

  • We made everyone feel loved this Valentine’s Day with a few desk-treats

  • Encouraged a day of positive affirmations

  • And of course, payday drinks at the end of the month🥂

We want people to reconnect with old colleagues and build relations with the new faces at XSEM!

As part of well-being, the team is encouraged to focus on what’s right for them, as well as try new things, work on their personal development, and snap up any wonderful new experiences in an industry that is thriving again.

We are set for another exciting, busy year and we want to kick this off with the team's well-being as the number one priority!"

Megan Hockney

Project Co-ordinator


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