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Teams! Not Teams?

Microsoft Teams has been amazing for our business in terms of day-to-day communication but as soon as we can, Team XSEM all getting together!

Fortunately throughout lockdown, we’ve been producing digital events and filming content so we’ve seen colleagues from time-to-time. For many, this has not been the case: weeks, months or perhaps even a year without seeing the team. The return will be strange and I would love to know the number of people, who have started jobs, yet never met their colleagues?

If it’s outdoor, and it’s safe, then the superheroes at XSEM will be mega excited to get back together. I’m sure that will be the case for most teams!

We have spent time researching the best outdoor activities and we’ve also incorporated a CSR element or personal development where possible. Our team would be delighted to share some ideas with you.


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