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Manager’s Meeting: Driving Future Mobility


Thrifty’s Conference, also known as the ‘Manager’s Meeting: Driving Future Mobility,’ was a brilliant event that brought together the managerial minds behind the Thrifty brand for a day of innovation, strategy, and camaraderie.

The primary aim of the day? To explore Thrifty’s future by aligning the team with company objectives and sharing prospects of growth and learning for individual attendees.


The concept:

The conference aimed to empower, engage and motivate all attendees. With the business evolving, this event served as a pivotal platform to unite teams, ensuring everyone was onboard with the positive changes and had a clear understanding of how they could actively contribute to driving the business forward.

The experience:

Out with the old, in with the new! There was a strong focus on utilising digital elements at the event and significantly reducing the use of print materials was a priority. We wanted it to feel fresh and futuristic, as well as resonate with the messaging of ‘new beginnings and positive change’ that underpinned the conference as a whole. 


The experience:

Our incredible team helped deliver a phenomenal experience, including:


  • Strategic comms support; planning & scoping, content creation, script writing, campaign execution.


  • Creative; brand identity, theming, motion graphics, 3D rendering and videography.


  • Project management; venue finding, stakeholder liaison, budget management, keynote liaison, event delivery.

The results:

The whole experience was crafted 'perfectly' making the conference a resounding success.

By selecting an engaging venue and establishing a purposeful and imaginative identity for the event, we were able to craft strategic communications and content that aligned brilliantly with the clients brand message and key objectives – to ‘inspire, align and motivate’. 

Attendees rated the overall experience an incredible average of 9.3 out of 10.


“The team were all fantastic. Calm and always available with expert knowledge both before the event and throughout it. Everyone we dealt with was very professional and friendly.

XSEM provided a thoroughly professional service, from start to finish.  Everything that could be done to make the event the success that it was planned to perfection. 

Thank you Team XSEM.”

Executive Assistant, Thrifty

"Everything was exceptional"

"I enjoyed the whole event and the venue was fabulous!"

"The total experience was so beneficial"

Event attendees




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