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Magnet Trade Rewards


Magnet Trade Rewards was a fantastic 4 month reward scheme. With 3 levels of exciting rewards to choose from and simple spend targets consistent across all customers. 



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  • Reward loyalty

  • Increase footfall and spend

  • Open new credit accounts

  • Covert cash accounts to credit

  • Email and mobile capture

Scheme Branding
Image by Catharina Short Sundberg

The Customer Experience:

All customers had to have registered to be a part of Magnet Trade Rewards. Only customers with a Magnet Trade account would be eligible to take part.

Once a customer had registered onto the scheme and spend £4000 or more, they had qualified for a reward! Further benchmarks of £8k and £12k were set to allow customers to 

Customers were able to redeem their reward at the end of the scheme via the bespoke reward tracking portal.

Customer Experience
Image by Domenico Ciavattone


396 registered customers

26 qualifiers

"The speed with which XSEM responded to the many and varied logistical challenges of creating a stand-out event in such a tight timeframe and in an industrial workshop space was quite remarkable. It was a huge ask but the team was more than up for the challenge, delivering an unforgettable experience for delegates and helping raise the profile of sustainable manufacturing across the globe."


Deborah Findlay, NMIS Head of Communications

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