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Acknowledging individual needs within the workplace

Over the past two years, well-being has come to the forefront of most people’s minds, and this is something that has become increasingly important to everyone. If there is one positive we can take from the pandemic, it is that it allowed most people to stop and consider the importance they give to certain aspects of life!

Here at XSEM, we have stopped and reflected on how important well-being is within the place you spend most of your life: work! Our biggest asset is our people and the amazing work they do. And in an industry that is notorious for long hours, we should really be looking after our biggest asset which means focusing on their well-being. In the events industry, we naturally come with a button that cannot be switched off. We always put the happiness and well-being of everyone else ahead of ourselves, but we need to remember that ours is just as important.

So, what is well-being?

There are many different definitions of well-being but to me, it simply means ‘internal harmony’. This is a challenge within itself as everyone’s internal harmony is different. Part of my harmony might mean being challenged every day, but another person’s might be having time to reflect each day. We are by nature a unique set-up and that is what makes us interesting and engaging, however, this needs to be considered in the work environment when addressing well-being.

At XSEM, we are in the first stages of putting together a well-being plan. We have formed a well-being group to represent the company and we are in the process of finding out what matters to everyone to formulate a plan that covers the below:

  • Personal well-being

  • Mental well-being

  • Physical well-being

Sometimes it is as simple as considering the following:

  • Being heard when you are silent

  • Being caught when you are falling

  • Seeing actions instead of hearing words

Watch this space for more on the initiatives we are putting together!

Victoria Smith

Project Lead


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