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Unveiling the creative passions: Meet the visionaries transforming brand experiences

Igniting brand experiences like never before! With an ever growing creative offering, we shine the spotlight on 3 of XSEM's creatives. From challenging norms, adapting print and the immersive power of digital, hear all about their passions.

Nicola Symons, Head of Creative (Creative Dynamo)

XSEM Head of Creative

As Head of Creative at XSEM, I’m passionate about pushing the boundaries to deliver exceptional, distinctive solutions for our clients. With a commitment to innovation, our team thrive on exploring uncharted territories, challenging conventional thinking, and bringing forth fresh ideas. We’re always seeking out unique approaches allowing us to break through the limitations of traditional methods.

I love what I do and I’m pretty competitive! I’m always striving to deliver the best, whether it's in design, strategy, or problem-solving, I’m dedicated to surpassing expectations to reach the end goal. Create the unforgettable!

Elliot Osborn, Marketing Executive (Video Master)

I’m Elliot, Marketing Executive at XSEM with a real passion for video creation. In a world where tech is king and storytelling is paramount, video is the answer. From exciting project launches to amplifying communications across a global audience, or even capturing the buzz of an onsite event, video is a game-changer. They come in so many different formats, every video I work on is different: Advertisements, Q&A, webinars, testimonials, live streams, product demos. The tech out there at our disposal is constantly developing too, I love keeping up to date on programme advancements and new concepts.

When video is executed well, it is a much more powerful tool for immersing and resonating with your audience.

Haydn Thompson, Senior Designer (Pixel Picasso)

XSEM Senior Designer

As a senior designer at a brand engagement agency, I understand that it’s the little things that can transform an experience. I love digital and the depth it can add to any experience – particularly, the power of motion graphics! They can take your audience’s experience to the next level.

In our increasingly interactive and digital world, it's crucial to consider motion graphics for every event. Why? Because they have the ability to captivate, engage, and leave a lasting impression. Whether it's a product launch, conference, or virtual gathering, motion graphics add that extra pizzazz and bring your brand to life.

Embrace this medium and elevate your events with the magic of motion!

We have a passion for challenging the norms, pushing creative boundaries and redefining brand engagement.

Create the extraordinary! Get in touch today to hear more about our creative offering.


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