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Nisa Expo 2020


Year on year, the Nisa Expo brings together Nisa, partners and suppliers under one roof for two days of insight, understanding and networking. It is a way for businesses to generate revenue, build on strong relations with like-minded individuals and celebrate success. With this in mind, and the live events industry on hold in the current climate, we got to work on transforming the annual event into a two-day virtual proposition.

We Delivered:

In less than 10 weeks, we created, developed and executed Nisa’s very first virtual expo. With 189 supplier stands and over 1500 attendees across the two days, the event held great value for our client. We understood the objectives and our key to success was through engaging the audience. With 1-2-1 appointments, main stage sessions, live Q&A, panel discussions and downloadable content, all stakeholders felt value in the experience. We held on-the-day deals, supplier competitions and launched the new Nisa Express store format through the virtual platform. The Nisa Awards Ceremony, hosted by journalist, TV presenter & comedian Alex Brooker was an excellent way to round off day 1, spreading positivity, success and community spirit through the industry.


The challenge:

The challenge was always clear in our mind, how do you encourage buy in for a virtual event when the live event has been so successful? Truth is, in a difficult, uncertain time communication and consistency is key. We focused on clear messaging and the individual benefits to each stakeholder. We helped guide them through every step of the way from detailed event packs to exhibitor tutorial sessions. We were there to provide support, reassurance and guidance throughout. If you focus on ‘why’ you do the live event, the venue becomes interchangeable. The Nisa Expo is a fantastic event year on year and the success of our virtual event is testament to that.

We Delivered:

  • Delegate management

  • Registration portal

  • Website development

  • Development and delivery of full virtual platform

  • Delegate communication

  • Project management

  • Production, set design and filming of the main stage sessions

  • Production, set design and filming of live Q&A sessions

  • Virtual exhibition stand build & collation

  • Production, theming and filming of awards ceremony


Client testimonial


"Well done for #NisaExpo lots of positive partner feedback, recruitment has been strong and lots of learnings we can build into our next event and some outstanding press coverage. Good work."


Steve Leach, Sales Director, Nisa Retail

Attendees over the live days

Exhibitor testimonial

"A huge congratulations for piecing together a marvellous virtual expo with XSEM, it was most definitely impressive given the circumstances."


Partner testimonial


"I thought the Expo was brilliant, 38 appointments and 8 presentations over 2 days!!" 


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