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Pravha UK 


The Unexpected Experience


Our experiential brand activation for Pravha was designed to increase brand awareness, boost the perception of Pravha as a premium lager, and ultimately, increase sales. The challenge was to create a scalable experience that resonated with Pravha’s target market and could be staged across different UK venues. The experience needed to show what the Pravha brand was about and tie in with their ongoing TV campaign.

Pravha The Unexpected Experience
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The journey:

We worked with Pravha’s brand team to explore their journey so far, get to grips with all elements of their brand and understand the role of the TV ads before beginning our own concept development. The concept was developed from research on the target customer - they love spontaneity! We developed this spontaneity concept into our ‘Unexpect the Expected’ Tour, a tongue-in-cheek spin on the traditional idea of expecting the unexpected. It was crucial that the activation resonated with the audience, influenced their buying behaviours and created a lasting memory.

In a few weeks, we went from visual concepts and mood boards to cool artwork, 3D renders and a suite of bespoke assets and marketing materials. A tiered approach featured full brand activations at larger venues with assets and giveaways at smaller venues. A key aim was to get as many people to try the product as possible. We were confident that once they did, its taste and quality would speak for itself.

We developed an eye-catching Pravha-branded Tuk Tuk and took it to 18 venues across 8 cities, dispensing more than 5,000 Pravha samples. To create a buzz and attract consumers, we researched different styles of music to see which best aligned with the brand and offered a premium experience. We then engaged a stilted brass band to create an upbeat, fun, and inclusive vibe that saw the audience shuffling their feet! Further entertainment included DJ sets and ballerinas.

There are photo opportunities; then there are XSEM photo opportunities! What better way to create that perfect Instagrammable moment than to “hang upside down in a bar” with your friends? These fun photos were shared immediately with consumers who in turn shared them across social media, creating an online buzz, building brand awareness and enticing additional traffic into the bars.

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To create a lasting memory of the brand that stayed with consumers long after the live activation, we encouraged participating venues to share information about a series of prize lockers prior to the activation. Consumers were encouraged to sign up to receive a bespoke code, then attend the venue on activation day and input their code. Prizes ranged from stylish Pravha jackets to weekend stays in Prague.


XSEM’s collaboration with Pravha UK is a major success story. Social media engagement soared over the 6-week period as customers shared their experiences. Outlets reported a mass increase in sales and are keen to host further Molson Coors brand activations soon. It helped to raise our profile for creating standout activations, generating new and repeat business with Molson Coors brands such as Madri, Carling, Aspall’s and Rekorderlig.

Tuk Tuk photo

Wow, the social creative work is phenomenal - so innovative! Many thanks to you and the team for creating such amazing assets!

Lydia, Molson Coors

A huge thank you for our 2 activations, these were honestly the best we have ever seen! The impact on sales was BIG! The sudden energy brought to the early evening crowd was magical.


Matt, Director at The Food Hall Company

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Stilted brass band

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Mass increase in

GPO sales

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High Energy

Good vibes

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Branded Tuk-Tuk


Many Instagrammable moments


Pravha samples distributed

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