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Diamond Club Sourcing Experience  


We worked with DoTerra to create 3 overseas experiences for their sellers. The programme was designed to be educational for the attendees, as well as a reward for their sales performance.  

Attendees onsite
Attendees onsite

The experience:

The purpose of DoTerra’s events was ultimately to drive sales and build loyalty towards the DoTerra brand. They wanted independent sellers to be motivated to sell their products, so it was vital the event was an experience that excited the audience and drove a change in behaviour.

Sellers had individual sales targets to secure their spot at the event. They also had a stretch target to reach if they wish to bring a partner along for the experience.  

DoTerra wanted to create a community that united people with a common passion.  

The independent sellers were located across Europe. We had attendees travelling from Romania, Israel, Germany, Hungary, Austria, France, Switzerland and Lithuania but to name a few! Logistically, this was a challenge, but the chosen destinations worked well for the attendees, Albania, Bulgaria and Sicily.  

These experiences were designed to appeal to the audiences’ passion; their love for the products and the authentic story behind them. As part of the experiences, the sellers got to visit distilleries where the oils were made. They met the farmers behind the products and learnt their stories. They saw where and how the products were made as well as the quality of the production.  

As well as visiting the farms, the high achievers also got to experience off-road jeep tours, trekking on the Sartorius and an unforgettable sailing battle. A lasting memory of the experience and DoTerra’s hospitality!  

The results:

The whole incentive was a fully immersive experience, designed to inspire and motivate the sellers.  

Across the three trips, guests enjoyed activities including 4x4 safari, wild swimming and a boat trip in addition to dinners and local entertainment. 

The Legacy Trip in Albania, also included a conference element to deliver company and product updates to sellers, which was complemented by the distillery and farm visit. 

Working with DoTerra to create this incredible programme of events was fantastic and we can't wait to build on this partnership with more unforgettable experiences.  

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450 attendees

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3 distillery visits

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3 overseas incentives

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