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Megan Hockney

Project Co-ordinator

Megan is a true social butterfly. Whether it is scoring strikes at the bowling alley or singing her heart out at a festival, as long as she is with friends, Megan will be in her element.

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Liana Lax

Marketing Director

A lover of the outdoors! You'll often find Liana walking the UK shores. She also has a passion for tennis, and fine dining - always accompanied with a glass of champers! 

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Nicole Dixon

Project Manager

When you don’t find her in front of a food programme, or reading a cookery book, you’ll most definitely find Nicole hosting a fabulous dinner party. Be prepared for the kitchen to turn into a disco where karaoke is not optional!

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Harriet Woodward

Project Co-ordinator


Harriet has discovered a soft spot for yoga and running, and is aiming to do a 5K run for charity in 2022 - go Harriet! She's also a huge Disney fan, and loves a chilled evening where a Chinese takeaway and a bit of trash reality TV is involved.

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Haydn Thompson

Senior Designer

Haydn’s favourite kind of day is going on a long sunny walk in the Yorkshire Dales with his new little puppy Lilly, followed by a stop at the pub for a nice cold beer and delicious Sunday lunch. He's a Leeds United football fan and his dream holiday would be to explore Vietnam!


Megan Walters

Sales & Marketing Manager

Megan loves socialising, whether that’s going to the pub, paddle boarding or watching live football with friends; she’s a big Nottingham Forest fan. She also loves sports – the more competitive, the better (she really doesn’t like losing!).

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Amy England-Lees

Project Co-ordinator

When she isn't busy travelling the world or dreaming of going on holiday to Scandinavia, you will probably find Amy stuck into a good book whilst munching on some Mexican food, her fave!

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Elliot Osborn

Marketing Executive


Elliot enjoys going to the gym and playing football as much as going for a drink at the pub with friends - it’s all about balance! He also loves trying new cuisines and restaurants, but if he had to choose an all-time favourite, it would have to be Thai food.

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Dan Bardgett

Managing Director

Dan is very passionate about sport, whether that's playing tennis, skiing or coaching his son's U13 football team. At the weekend, he enjoys walking his dog Lottie with the family. He also loves to travel, especially when good food and good wine is involved.

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Nicola Holmes

Account Director

Nicola has been with us for a whopping 8 years! When she isn’t travelling with work, she is travelling for pleasure; she absolutely loves to explore the world, discover new places and meet new people. But she equally enjoys a weekend at home or going to the gym or on a walk, followed by a pub lunch and an afternoon of movies!

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Victoria Smith

Project Team Lead

On a weekend, you might catch Victoria sipping on a cheeky Gin & Tonic whilst watching her go-to comedy movie Matilda. She will most definitely be snuggled up on the sofa with her two dogs, Mini and Twiggy, and she might even treat herself to her guilty pleasure, Greek food! 


Emma Barker

Senior Project Manager

Emma's favourite movie is 'The Holiday' - you could say she deserves one too! She loves to travel the world, but if she was to choose anywhere in the world, it would be somewhere snowy. Add a G&T and Aubergine Parmigiana to the mix, she will definitely call it heaven!

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Ben Sabberton

Finance Director

Being a dad of 3 young children, Ben basically has two full-time jobs! But in his ‘me-time’, he loves to challenge himself. He is passionate about sport and has set himself three bucket list challenges: run a sub-40-mn 10k (which he has achieved), become a scratch golfer and slam dunk a basketball – we believe in you, Ben!

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Rae Black

Project Co-ordinator

If you don’t catch Rae enjoying dinner with her friends, it’s probably because she’s gone on a city break somewhere amazing. She loves to travel, and if she had to pick a first-choice destination, it would have to be Greece!

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Sarah Davenport

Senior Business Development Manager

 If she isn’t dashing the kids from dance competitions and football matches, you'll catch Sarah socialising with friends, enjoying a glass of fizz. She is counting the days before her dream holiday - Florida with the family! She also loves all things glitz & glam, and her favourite film is Dirty Dancing.

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Michael Gwilliam

Commercial Director

Michael’s ideal weekend would be to go to watch his kids do gymnastics and play football, rugby or cricket, before hitting some balls on the golf course. On a Sunday, he really enjoys cooking a roast dinner with the family, but as soon as the sun is out, you'll find him in the garden on BBQ duty. Of course, with an ice-cold Madri in hand. Michael loves hosting – you could say that he is the ‘host with the most’!

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Ella Gore

Sales & Marketing Executive


Having grown up in France, it is no surprise that Ella's favourite hobby is skiing and that her perfect Friday night consists of picking at a cheeseboard whilst drinking wine with friends! She is also a huge Grey's Anatomy fan, she watches that TV show on repeat.

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Sami Rehman


When he isn’t busy creating some amazing artwork, the chances of finding Sami binge-watching the Marvel movies and devouring a juicy burger are extremely high! He also loves painting and online shopping.


Bailey Clayton

Marketing Executive


Bailey is mad about sport, whether that is watching it live or playing football and tennis. He loves being outside as much as possible, going on walks and hikes with friends. But when the Yorkshire weather decides otherwise, he also enjoys listening to music, playing guitar, and mixing music!

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Beata Lis

Finance Assistant

Beata is a real foodie – she loves spending time in the kitchen cooking and baking all the goods to enjoy in front of Netflix later on! But on a lazy day, sushi will always be her number one food of choice; wonder why her dream holiday destination would be Japan...

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Yasmine Abdalla

Middleweight Designer

Yasmine is our very own popstar – graphic designer by day, rapper by night! In her spare time, she composes and performs music, a woman of many talents! Her dream holiday consists of the sea and the sun, which explains why Egypt is her go-to destination. She also loves art, photography, interior design, and Thai food.


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Josh Budz

Senior Golf Manager

Josh lives and breathes golf - and we love it! If you don't catch him on the golf course, you'll probably find him watching football or ice hockey. He's Harry Potter mad and also makes a cracking cuppa!

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Charlie Connolly


Charlie loves spending time with her friends and family, whether that's going on walks up the Otley Chevin, having cosy nights in or going out for food and drinks. Her all-time favourite meal would have to be a roast dinner, which she would very happily have any day of the week!

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Bethany Okogba

Project Manager

Beth absolutely loves upcycling and anything DIY – she is actually in the middle of renovating her house! In her spare time, she enjoys socialising, cooking, and gardening. She also likes art, music, festivals and travel - her dream destination would be Canada.


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Abbie Firth

Project Co-ordinator

Abbie’s favourite thing to do is to go for walks that finish at the pub with a delicious roast dinner. She loves spending time with her family, especially her little niece and nephew. She equally loves travelling – she lived in Australia for a year and cannot wait for her next travel adventure!


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Nicole Woodcock

Senior Project Manager

Nicole likes to wine down in front of her all-time favourite movie, ‘The Never-Ending Story’, cuddled up with her kittens and maybe with a glass of Malbec red wine. If she’s feeling peckish, she might even treat herself to her go-to takeaway order – a doner kebab on naan, with salad and mint sauce!

Sophie Burn

Project Manager

Sophie is a complete fitness lover – she used to play rugby at university and her favourite hobby is going to the gym. She also really enjoys hiking; she’s climbed Scafell Pike and Snowdon, and Ben Nevis is the next one on her list. Her guilty pleasure is pizza, and she guarantees that she eats more of it than is socially acceptable!

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Chelsea Wallis

Senior Project Manager

 At the weekend, Chelsea enjoys exploring the Yorkshire Dales with her dog Winnie and having games night with friends. She also loves live music and festivals, especially when an ice-cold cider is involved! Chelsea is a proper foodie – cooking and learning new veggie recipes is one of her favourite things to do.