Work on top of homeschooling!

We asked a few of our Xsem parents how they're getting on with work and homeschooling in

lockdown 3.

Q1. How do you juggle homeschooling and

work at the same time?


Answer: It’s hard! Actually, it’s pretty much impossible. If I work the children do barely nothing, if I homeschool it’s impossible to concentrate on work. Ours don’t have any live lessons from school so we need to guide them almost every step of the way.



Q2. Do you have any top tips for other parents who are homeschooling?


Answer: Try to separate work and homeschooling where possible and have set times for both. I’m constantly distracted by either the girls or work and end up not fully concentrating on either which is pointless.


Q3. Do you envy people who don’t have any childcare responsibilities?


Answer: Yes! A LOT!



Q4. Has there been a highlight or a funny moment you can recall when homeschooling?

Answer: It’s hard to think of any highlights – there’s definitely been a fair few low points…  we’re lucky to get through a day without a tantrum (and I mean my tantrums not theirs). 



Q5. Do you feel guilty to allow your child to watch TV/go on the playstation?

Answer:  Hugely. The amount of screen time they’ve had in the past year has increased significantly but it’s almost impossible to not let them when I’m working. 


Q6. Do you feel you have to spend more time with your child as they’re not getting as much social interaction?


Answer: Yes and no. The best part of lockdown for all of us is spending more time together as a family. In ‘normal’ times, with school, full time work and all their activities we only eat together a couple of times a week so it’s been lovely having a family meal every day and the daily walks are great.  



Q7. Has your food bill increased with the amount of food your children demand throughout the day?


Answer: Definitely. The number of snack requests received in one day from two children is unbelievable. Trying to think of something to make for lunch is also the worst part of the day!

Mexican Meal