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Supporting Yorkshire's creative students through placements

Here at XSEM, we've always welcomed placement students. We know what a great experience students can gain from the opportunity but also how they positively impact our business and the world of events.

Sami Rehman, our Placement Artworker, discusses his 12-month XSEM experience. He explores how his placement year has been beneficial to him, the transferrable knowledge and skills he's learned for his final year of university, as well as his future in design.

Sami's overview of his journey here at XSEM and what he got up to in the past 12 months:

‘During my time at XSEM, I was able to expand my knowledge and improve my skillset by working on a variety of assignments such as:

· Itineraries

· Event print items

· Social media posts

· Animation

· Motion graphics

· 3D renders

· Photoshop tasks

When I started my placement, I knew I was going to work on photography and video editing. I was over the moon about it as I’ve always loved taking photos, and I knew that this would be a great opportunity to develop my skills in angles, lighting, and editing – which I did!

Video editing was a practice I had never carried out before working at XSEM. However, it turned out that I worked on numerous videos throughout my placement, which enabled me to progress rather rapidly.’

Sami’s top 2 projects he worked on and why:

'No. 1: Client Ladies' Day

I really enjoyed working on this project, as I was given much more creative freedom in terms of design and branding. I liked the fact that I had enough time to research ideas to get some inspiration, create mood boards, and design different options for the printed itinerary I produced for the event.

No. 2: Superhero images

I am a huge Marvel fanatic, so when I found out that XSEM called their internal recognition scheme ‘Hero of the Month’, which I was going to be taking charge of, I took the opportunity to make it my own!

I assigned a superhero to everyone in the office and photoshopped them into their appointed character. I then got them all printed on Foamex boards so that every hero could have their personalised character on their desk. They are also used in some of our internal documents, like in our brand book, and appear on our ‘Hero of the Month’ wall in the office.

It was a great way to enhance my editing skills, as well as implementing something fun which everybody is involved in!'

How Sami thinks his placement with XSEM will help him with his future studies:

'Working in such a fast-paced environment and on tight deadlines has helped me become more comfortable and familiar with the design software, and my attention to detail has improved immensely. Before my placement at XSEM, there were many practices I didn’t know how to do and skills I didn’t have, but now I feel like I have the upper hand when it comes to my final year of university.

Generally speaking, I usually have around 6 weeks to complete an assignment, but at XSEM, we sometimes only had a day to turn things around, so I am confident that I can now do much more and push myself further within a timeframe.'

Sami Rehman
Placement Artworker


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