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Essential steps to more sustainable events

3 key findings by recently promoted XSEM Project Manager, Nicole Dixon.

We’ve recently become a member of isla, an industry body bringing together expertise from across the entire events sector. isla supports agencies like us with the confidence, knowledge and resources needed to deliver more sustainable events.

I joined the XSEM committee taking steps towards more sustainable practices. As a millennial, I’m feeling quite a responsibility to lead the change and shift the way the industry approaches our impact on the environment!

We recently had our first training session with isla and here are 3 key findings I took away from it:

  1. The varying impact of different foods on the environment - The carbon footprint of beef is astounding! I’ve already adjusted my eating habits just off the back of the training session

  2. People respond to the positives - We need to highlight the benefits of sustainability and what that will mean for organisations

  3. Rethink, refuse, redesign - Ask yourself; - Do we need it? (Rethink) - Is there an alternative? (Refuse) - Could we make it differently (Redesign)

As a creative agency, we certainly have the tools to be thinking of innovative ways to overcome typical sustainability problems.

I’d be lying if I said it wasn't all daunting though! But I’m also excited to be better educated on this vast topic. I’m looking forward to the challenge of coming up and presenting new ideas to clients so that together, we can all operate more sustainably and make a difference in the future.


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