The big move

We asked a few of our XSEM team how they have adjusted to moving home, and away from Leeds, during the pandemic... 

Q1. How have you found moving back home during lockdown? 


Answer: Surprising!! I’ve moved back to Lincolnshire where I’m originally from, but to my boyfriend’s house in Lincoln rather than my parents’ out in the sticks! I think that’s made a huge difference on my opinion of the county, it used to be ‘boring old Lincolnshire’ but now I can see that Lincoln is a really nice city to live in.



Q2. What, if any, are the challenges of moving back home?


Answer: Well my boyfriend still has his housemate living here too…so it’s quite the unusual set up. Fortunately we get on really well and they’re both very accepting of me turning the man cave on its head. Plus, I think they’ve benefited from it pretty well with my cooking and cleaning!!

ND castle.jpg

Q3.  What are the positives you have found? 


Answer: There’s nothing like a global pandemic to make you finally decide when you’re going to live with your other half! We’ve both been arguing our case between Lincoln and Leeds for the past 3 years; 2 houses, journeys back and forth, and lots of time apart…one of us had to give in eventually! Now that I know I can work remotely with ease for XSEM and live here with my boyfriend, I’ve pretty much found myself in the ideal situation, and I have Coronavirus to thank for it, who would have thought?



Q4. Do you find time for yourself is harder to have or easier?

Answer: Mostly I’m not that bothered about having time to myself as I feel quite lucky not to be in an isolated situation. However, every so often I do have to take myself off to bed early to watch trash TV and do a facemask – it’s always a welcome relief!



Q5. What is one thing you are most looking forward to after lockdown/covid?

Answer: Multiple glasses of Sauvignon with my Mum, cackling in the kitchen while we cook something delicious together.