Work on top of homeschooling!

We asked a few of our Xsem parents how they're getting on with work and homeschooling in

lockdown 3.

Q1. How do you juggle homeschooling and

work at the same time?


Answer: Badly, to use the analogy of the juggler, balls are being dropped. We have two parents who work and both are really busy at the moment which is great but makes it difficult. It’s a case of setting tasks, trying to do a bit of your own work then catching up in the evening.



Q2. Do you have any top tips for other parents who are homeschooling?


Answer: My top tip would be to not be too hard on yourself, you can only do what you can do and we are all in the same boat. Kids are incredibly resilient and I am sure they will all come through this, keep them reading, writing and a bit of times tables and it will all be ok……. I hope

Image by Michal Janek

Q3. Do you envy people who don’t have any childcare responsibilities?


Answer: Is this a serious question? Hell yes! I love my kids to bits but I am certainly no teacher and can’t wait for them to be back at school. I think all parents going through this have a very common bond at the moment.



Q4. Has there been a highlight or a funny moment you can recall when homeschooling?

Answer: I must admit my wife works 3 days a week so she has taken on most of this role. On my first full day in charge it snowed and by 14:00 we were with the sledge doing some PE! It was great fun but it’s honestly hard to think of highlights, it’s been a tough start to the year!


Q5. Do you feel guilty to allow your child to watch TV/go on the playstation?

Answer:  I did but the honest truth is that sometimes it is the only option to keep them occupied so you can get on with a bit of work.


Q6. Do you feel you have to spend more time with your child as they’re not getting as much social interaction?


Answer: To be honest they are getting a lot of social interaction through teams, doing group work at school and playing games. My daughter is ten so she goes out for a daily walk with her bestie so it’s not too bad.



Q7. Has your food bill increased with the amount of food your children demand throughout the day?


Answer: Definitely and it has made eating healthy choices a lot harder for us. Our kids eat pretty healthly but the fact there are so many treats, packets of crisps etc. is hard for the parents to resist!