The big move

We asked a few of our XSEM team how they have adjusted to moving home, and away from Leeds, during the pandemic... 

Q1. How have you found moving back home during lockdown? 


Answer: Challenging at first, I love Leeds but its been almost a year now, I’m just about over it… And you just adapt to your situation, don’t you? What I class as my hobbies and favourite activities now are a million miles from what they were a year ago. I’d had a bike for 15 years, I bet I’d only been on it 5 times before March 2020 – now I’ve got new tyres and a helmet. 



Q2. What, if any, are the challenges of moving back home?


Answer: Well I moved back in with my parents as a temporary ‘money-saving’ exercise so to go from living by myself or with friends for 8 years and then back to that, it’s quite the jump. Better not say anything else, my mum is our biggest insta fan haha… But I’m lucky I have that option available and the positives outweigh the challenges. 


Q3.  What are the positives you have found? 


Answer: So many positives. I think it just caused you to stop, think and re-evaluate, didn’t it? My Leeds uni pals had slowly started to disperse so I was travelling back and forth to Nottingham a lot to see my boyfriend, friends, family etc. so its cut down on travelling but I also do a lot more here - like post-work walks with friends etc. There’s so much lovely countryside and the peak district is on our doorstep as well. 


You can also help people out more when you only live 5 minutes down the road too!



Q4. Do you find time for yourself is harder to have or easier?

Answer: Oh - 100% harder.



Q5. What is one thing you are most looking forward to after lockdown/covid?

Answer: I’ve got quite a big family, usually at Christmas it's hectic. We have everyone round, food, drinks etc. That obviously didn’t happen this year so I’m looking forward to that (hopefully in the summer!). I also love live sport, I'm looking forward to getting back in a stadium; football, ice-hockey, cricket, whatever really!