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Here you’ll find the latest on what’s going on inside XSEM. Get to know our team better through monthly updates, keep up to date with the latest industry trends with our thought leadership articles or relate to our well-being posts covering real life content.  

Q&A Industry inside 

Marketing & Sales manager, Megan Walters, interviews Manager Director, Dan Bardgett on the latest industry trends…watch now

We asked a few of our XSEM team how they have adjusted to moving home, and away from Leeds, during the pandemic... 

Offices are closed and cities are empty, so where are all the yuppies? ‘Working from home’ has been the buzz word of lockdown, but we wanted to know how our young city goers of XSEM have found working from their 'OG' home, after their temporarily move out of the city and back to the bird’s nest. Can you relate? read more

Taking on the world of Virtual Events

Read Emma Barker's piece on creating a virtual event that strives to deliver the same audience satisfaction as a live event

read more

Teams, not teams!

Microsoft Teams has been amazing for our business in terms of day-to-day communication but as soon as we can, Team XSEM all getting together! read more

Our team share the places in our hearts...

Here at XSEM we're feeling all loved up,

This month our team share the destinations that have a place in our hearts read more

12 Days of Christmas...

Here is a little message from the team this Christmas watch

Rewards programmes and how to smash them!

8 principles of a successful rewards programme…read more

We asked a few of our Xsem parents how they're getting on with work and homeschooling in lockdown 3...

In XSEM HQ we know life is all about balance, but what do you do when you need to balance your children and work? read more

Our team's guilty pleasures...

Here at XSEM we pride ourselves on making our customers happy! But what makes you happy we hear you ask?

Our team share what we are guilty of indulging over the last month read more

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