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How to succeed with experiential marketing

Customers are constantly looking for new and better experiences which unfortunately doesn’t always equal brand loyalty. That means we must constantly look for new ways to attract customers, increase loyalty and earn brand advocates.

Read on to find out why experiential marketing is a sure-fire way to keep your customers, both new and old, engaged with your brand.

It creates a more engaging and memorable experience.

Experiential marketing is one of the only opportunities you’ll get to engage each of your customer’s senses at once. By considering factors like sound, touch, taste and smell to further the brand experience, you’re creating a more well-rounded and effective experience that your customers are more likely to remember and respond to favourably. You’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd by moving beyond traditional brand encounters that tend to focus only on visually stimulating content.

Providing a multi-sensory brand experience guarantees that you’re providing a much more engaging and memorable opportunity for customers to interact with your brand. From tastings, decor, catering, performances and beyond, it’s vitally important to tie everything together for the most compelling experience.

It invites conversation with your customers.

In-person interactions with your customers are a much better way to get to know what makes them tick than having to rely on historical data which is not always accurate. You’ll learn more about why your customers (or potential customers!) make the decisions they do if you create the opportunity to have an interactive experience with them. Your customers will always respond more positively to a two-way interaction with your brand than if you’re bombarding them with one-way messaging.

By inviting brand interactions and conversations with your customers you’ll be engaging them more effectively and will make them feel part of the wider brand story, ultimately increasing their brand loyalty. This in turn will increase the likelihood of your customers spreading the word about your brand, creating further reaching awareness across a range of channels such as social media, blogs and word of mouth.

It provides the perfect opportunity to benefit from new technology.

We already know experiential marketing provides you with a great opportunity to get to know your customers but without emerging technologies you won’t be as well equipped to deal with the information you’re being presented with. There are so many customer engagement tools out there that make it easier for you to gather and subsequently interpret useful data. They’re also excellent at proving ROI.

A lot of this technology is cutting edge – such as AI for marketing – and by utilising it you’re making strides to improve your future events, the customer journey and customer satisfaction by better interpreting customer behaviour. You’re also showcasing that you’re ahead of the curve by adopting technology that is not yet mainstream.

It creates a connection with your customers through personalisation.

The more you get to know your customers through in-person interactions, emerging technology and big data the more you’ll learn about what they respond to and how this can change over time. Often this happens incredibly quickly! When you’re armed with this information you can tailor your brand experiences to better meet your customer desires. They’ll appreciate that they’ve made an impact on your brand and will be thankful that you went to the effort of personalising their experience.

By getting to know your customers, you’re building connections and personal relationships that will make them feel more valued and important. This in turn builds trust as your customers will view your brand as more human and authentic, ultimately helping you cut through any potential market saturation.

It tells a brand story.

merchants heart brand activation

It’s no longer enough to showcase your brand through traditional methods such as email, magazines and adverts, instead it’s becoming increasingly important to let your brand tell a story. Customers are also more likely to respond to this method because as humans we are wired to love stories. Sharing your brand story is the perfect opportunity to showcase your brand values, history, successes and any challenges you’ve faced. Customers are also becoming increasingly keen on helping define and shape your brand story, particularly through word of mouth and social media.

By using experiential marketing as an opportunity to tell your brand story and by taking on what you’ve learned about your customers, you’re actively proving that you care about the customer experience. You’ll gain a better understanding of what does and doesn’t work with your brand and it showcases how your brand fits into your customer’s world.

In this constantly changing landscape, why not let us do all the hard work for you? With research and strategic planning, we can help you remain ahead of the curve to deliver the most creative experiences. We’ll make sure that you see a greater ROI and stronger connection with your customers.

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