We start from scratch. What’s the aim? What are your objectives?

From here, we build up. We work with you to create an experience that is unique, unforgettable and bespoke for your audience.



Bringing people together in a physical space. The here, the now. 

Through golf days, conferencing, exhibitions, roadshows, product launches, incentives... Whatever the format, we have you covered. 

We work with you before, during and after your event to ensure you, your team and customers, get the most from the experience.


Our virtual events platform, Core, is the best in business. Developed by event management specialists, we understand your event needs better than most. 

Like any project, we work with you from the creation through to online portal and production. 

Bespoke designs, endless sponsorship opportunities, tracking and gamification, 1-2-1 video interactions, transacting and reporting. Your experience will be like no other. 



The best of both worlds!

We have 20 years' of event management experience and combined with the best virtual events platform on the market, we can create something incredible.

Nothing will beat face-to-face interaction but we've also been enlightened to the endless possibilities, reach and longevity of virtual events. 

We'll work with you to build something unique, spectacular and unforgettable.