"As the world returns to normal, we can't go back to business-as-usual" We're committed to making a difference. 


We have the ability to make a difference in every industry, but that can only happen when we work together to #RestoreOurEarth.

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For #EarthDay2021 at XSEM we asked our team two questions: 


  1. What positive changes have you made over the last year towards a greener future?

2. What do you pledge to do more of (or less of) over the next 12 months?

Nicole W


Positive changes you've made...

  • Started shopping locally and at markets

  • Planted more trees

Your pledge for the coming year...

  • More walking

  • Eat less meat


Olivia Hubert

Positive changes you've made...

  • I always carry a re-useable shopping bag in my handbag

  • Started to grow my own veggies!

  • Reduced my food-print by meal prepping & feeding any waste to our chickens (they honestly eat everything!)


Your pledge for the coming year...

  • I’m going to start plogging: Picking up litter while jogging! 

  • Lower my carbon footprint and walk into my local town more rather than drive

  • Make an effort to educate myself on regenerative agriculture


Megan Walters


Positive changes you've made...


  • I walk or cycle everywhere!  

  • I don’t go anywhere without my chilli bottle, said goodbye to plastic

  • Turn the tap off when brushing my teeth

Your pledge for the coming year... 

  • Be smarter in the kitchen, use less energy!

  • Eat less meat

MicrosoftTeams-image (26).png

Ben Sabberton


Positive changes you've made...

  • Riding kids to school when possible (and picking another one up on the way!) in our family cargo bike

  • Have stopped eating beef for c.18 months (beef being the worst offender for the environment)

  • Made a conscious decision to work from home for the last 12 months (!!)


Your pledge for the coming year...

  • To try and stop 1 local drive per week when it can be run/walked or cycled

Emma Barker


Positive changes you've made...


  • Chilli bottle, I literally take it everywhere with me 

  • Adopted a largely plant based diet, if I do eat meat I try to make sure it’s from a local producer

  • Carrier bags – I haven’t used a plastic bag in a long time. Top tip – ikea bags are a game changer for supermarket shops!


Your pledge for the coming year...

  • Purchase food and goods that don’t come with plastic packaging

  • Take public transport more instead of the car 

  • Grow my own vegetables – I’ve got some compost and wooden boxes to plant up, now just need to buy some seeds..!


Nicola Holmes

Positive changes you've made...


  • I have always been super conscious with recycling as I grew up on a farm however now I go further than just separating waste and recycling and go out of my way to recycle glass, paper, carton, plastic

  • I have a herb patch in my garden – next stop greenhouse

  • I walk so much but I want to look at getting a bike to reduce car usage – I just don’t have anywhere to store it safely at the moment


Your pledge for the coming year...

  • I would like to get a smart meter installed to be smarter with my energy usage

  • Get the greenhouse sorted and start growing some of my own vegetables

A Shirt in a Box

Danielle Jones


Positive changes you've made...

  • I now only buy skincare products that offer recycled, recyclable and reusable packaging

  • As I walk everywhere now I make sure to pick up any rubbish along the way

  • I no longer purchase any clothing from ‘Fast Fashion’ brands and only purchase what I actually need!


Your pledge for the coming year...

  • Cut down on eating meat, fish and dairy products 

  • Take my chilli bottle everywhere with me!


Nicole Dixon


 Positive changes you've made...


  • I no longer buy clingfilm! I store things in the fridge in Tupperware or wrap in beeswax wraps.

  • I’m also RELIGIOUS about keeping carrier bags in my car for the supermarket shop and refuse to buy more.


Your pledge for the coming year...

  • A new eco shop has opened just around the corner from me where you can go for food and liquid refills. I really want to give this a try rather than buying new bags of pasta or cleaning spray bottles each time from the supermarket!