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Recognise & Reward


Now in its fourth year, Recognise & Reward has gone from strength to strength delivering substantial profits year on year.

A select group of customers are hand-picked to participate in this fantastic programme designed to increase customer yard and total spend, increase profits and reward loyalty.



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The Concept:

Underpinned by a comprehensive marketing plan and executed via a bespoke web-platform, this full end-to-end rewards solution energises customers, changes buying behaviour and provides pin point precision
analytics to identify opportunities and drive

Scheme Branding
Image by Tobias Reich

The Customer Experience:

Customers hand-picked to participate in the scheme were sent a bespoke invite to the scheme containing all of the information they needed to register, log in, and start tracking their progress.

Throughout the 9 month scheme period, customers were sent regular email sales updates reminding them of their target, noting their progress, and encouraging them to continue spending to hit their target.

As the scheme period came to an end, select groups of customers were targeted to recieve custom communications depnding on how they were tracking towards their target spend.

Customers who qualified for a reward were sent a simple link to redeem their reward and were contacted by our experienced reward team shortly afterwards to arrange everything on their behallf. 

Image by Miltiadis Fragkidis
Customer Experience
Image by James Ting


396 registered customers

26 qualifiers

"The speed with which XSEM responded to the many and varied logistical challenges of creating a stand-out event in such a tight timeframe and in an industrial workshop space was quite remarkable. It was a huge ask but the team was more than up for the challenge, delivering an unforgettable experience for delegates and helping raise the profile of sustainable manufacturing across the globe."


Deborah Findlay, NMIS Head of Communications

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