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Meet Magento



Meet Magento 2020: Virtual


JH approached XSEM to help them transfer their
Meet Magento UK 2020 event from a venue on to a
virtual platform.

The event had over 35 incredible speakers lined up,
multiple stages each with their own requirements
and an audience of over 1000, tuning in from across
the globe. We worked with JH in the weeks leading
up to the event to build a seamless solution to our
new virtual world.


Thank you, for everything - all the way through the event and all the madness running up to it. You're fantastic, and you've definitely got an advocate for
life out of me. Let's relax and enjoy our success!

- Jamie Huskisson, Meet Magento UK Organiser and

We Delivered:

• Speaker contracting

• Speaker liaison and on-boarding sessions

• Platform development

• Production schedule

• Live event management


How we did it:

We collated content and held rehearsals whilst providing all on-boarding documentation the guests needed. The portal allowed 4 stages to be in action at one time, each with their own live speaker, a vision mixer and slide manager, live Q&A sessions and technical support.

We managed speakers who were representing some of the top e-commerce businesses, including Adobe and PayPal, presenting live from across the world. Speakers from San Diego, Cape Cod, London and Bangladesh we able to present simultaneously and interact with the audience.

This was a great virtual conference, working with big brands from across the globe. It is something we are immensely proud of.

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