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The Madri journey 


Following a successful launch Madri needed to significantly increase the visibility and awareness of the brand within the On-Trade sector, leveraging the dynamic ‘Madri Movida’ spirit.

The brief:

Madri tasked us with invigorating their presence in the On-Trade sector which includes bars, pubs and restaurants. The brand wanted to inspire audiences and increase brand recognition within On-Trade consumers, promoting the ‘Madri Movida’ ethos, a modern, forward-thinking interpretation of Spanish culture, with the vibrant Madri brand at the forefront.

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Initial concept development

We collaborated closely with Madri to develop a flexible brand toolkit designed to ensure a consistent and compelling brand identity across all On-Trade activations, leveraging key elements of the brand that consumers would recognise, relate and engage with.

The always-on brand assets: This versatile resource was designed to ensure a consistent brand presence. It enabled both our team and Madri’s brand team to execute activations quickly and seamlessly across various venues. The toolkit included essential brand elements, customisable templates and innovative promotional materials.

The ‘lift and shift’ bible: A comprehensive guide featuring a range of innovative installation ideas, allowing the team to adapt the core concept across different scales, venues and contexts easily.

The execution

Ensuring scalability was crucial, from basic promotional materials in small venues to elaborate displays in major accounts where Madri’s presence could shine the brightest. We worked closely with the Madri brand team to keep the toolkit updated as their branding and positioning evolved, ensuring it remained current and reflective of the latest brand identity.

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Madri city tours

Building on the success of the toolkit and activations, we introduced the Madri City Tour. This tour aimed to bring the Madri brand to life through experiential marketing, enhancing brand engagement through unforgettable experiences. Key elements of the city tours included excursions among street art and local cuisine, immersing attendees in the true spirit of Madrid.

The outcomes

Our collaboration with Madri exemplifies our passion and commitment to deeply understand our client’s challenge, ensuring we create well-conceived strategies and expertly executed brand activations that deliver on objectives. The ‘Madri Movida’ concept, supported by the adaptable toolkit and enriched by the experiential Madri City Tours, successfully brought Madri’s progressive spirit to life in the On-Trade sector, driving awareness, consideration and ultimately sales.

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"Thank you for everything you have done for us over the last few years. We have done some amazing work together and I can't thank you enough for everything.'


Brand Development Manager, Madri 

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