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Our Wienerberger Journey


Our Wienerberger journey started 5 years ago, with a brief to enhance customer engagement, strengthen customer relationships and drive growth.

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How we did it:

The process began with research (conducted by our own in-house team) in order to get under the skin of their key customers and truly understand their needs. The results provided pin point precision, relevant and innovative insight as to how to improve customer connectivity, capitalise on opportunities for new product launches and create stronger relationships. Furthermore, it helped to scope out an engagement solution that provided the platform to drive growth and lock in customer loyalty.

Start to End


  • One to One interviews with 54% of key customers


  • Engage & sustain customers through bespoke marketing plan

  • Create a “package” of support & benefits to lock customers in

  • incl. “Must have” event content and main event encouragers

  • Wants & needs from the relationship


  • 100% attendance (previously 6%)

  • 100% desire to repeat experience

  • Trade press “One of the best industry events ever attended”


  • Creation of the VIP Club based on results of research

  • Share thought Leadership

  • Learning & engagement

  • Early access to new products

  • Incentives and marketing support                        

  • Personalisation hub


  • Bespoke 12 month rewards programme

  • Targeted key customers

  • Drive incremental sales and increase market share                       

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