Work on top of homeschooling!

We asked a few of our Xsem parents how they're getting on with work and homeschooling in

lockdown 3.

Q1. How do you juggle homeschooling and

work at the same time?


Answer: It’s been challenging at times, luckily my eldest is still pretty young at 5, so the actual work isn’t that challenging to teach or work out, but saying that my English has been caught out a couple of times!! I think all you can do is try and fit in what you can over the duration of the full day and use what time you can get to work and school wise, and if you fail a little bit, try not to beat yourself up too much, these are extraordinary times.



Q2. Do you have any top tips for other parents who are homeschooling?


Answer: Yes definitely, beer over wine.

Kindergarten Classroom

Q3. Do you envy people who don’t have any childcare responsibilities?


Answer: Every day and that was long before any home schooling! No, as a parent, it’s just one of those things you have to do, hopefully this won’t be long-term and we’ll have some normality at some point and kids will get back to school (or that’s what I keep telling myself)

Q4. Has there been a highlight or a funny moment you can recall when homeschooling?

Answer: More of a low-light really, I had my middle child (a 3 year old known to be difficult at times!) sitting on a chair in my office watching my phone I think, she fell off the chair and banged her head, she made a small yelp, I did the classic rub of the head “oh you’ll be fine”, put her back on the chair and thought nothing more. That was until my wife came upstairs 15 minutes later and asked what all that red stuff is on the chair, 30 mins later in A&E getting stiches, no parent wants that on their watch!


Q5. Do you feel guilty to allow your child to watch TV/go on the playstation?


Answer: I wish we did have a new Playstation, that’s making me think! Not really, it’s all educational stuff they watch or play isn’t it!!??



Q6. Do you feel you have to spend more time with your child as they’re not getting as much social interaction?


Answer: No way, I already over index on time spent with children! In all seriousness though, I think the social aspect of not being at school is the part that worries me most and the impact not just on my kids but all kids and I really hope they can all brush it off when things do get back to normal. 



Q7. Has your food bill increased with the amount of food your children demand throughout the day?


Answer: Yes, but that is me rather than the kids, the amount of Biscuits I’ve consumed in January has been obscene. Fruit shortcakes, Bourbons, Custard Creams and Jammie Dodgers have gone down magnificently.